Condition Guidelines

Floria Vintage strives to sell only wearable items in our store. We believe that clothing should be worn and loved, even if it is old or rare. It is uncommon that we list anything in less than wearable condition, but please still read the description of each item before purchasing to ensure that you know what you are getting.

Determining Condition
All of our items have had a previous life (or several!), so imperfections are to be expected. We go to great lengths to look over every item and to list all visible flaws and correct measurements. However, it is important to know that you are buying a second-hand item, which means there will likely be typical signs of wear and age that are not explicitly listed in the description. Some things that may not appear in the description:

- Evidence that the item has been washed or cleaned. 
- Minor wear to the fabric that occurs with normal use, such as light overall fading and minor rubbing.
- Alterations made by a previous owner.

Most of our items are described as "Excellent" which means that the item has no visible flaws or notable wear. We avoid using vague condition categories beyond this and opt instead to just describe the flaws, if any. 

It is very rare to come across anything vintage that is in what we would consider "Mint Condition." Clothing in particular is so often improperly stored, that even deadstock/new with tags/never worn items will not be in mint condition.

We clean or sanitize every item prior to selling it where possible. Some collectibles, antique garments, and delicate items are left up to the buyer to clean. We do not specify individual items that have not been cleaned.

All lingerie items, undergarments, and swimwear are cleaned and sanitized. All jewelry is cleaned and also sanitized where necessary.

Please be aware that despite items being clean prior to selling, age-related storage odors may still be present when you receive your item, especially with older garments. Most vintage buyers have come across this "vintage smell" at least once and are familiar with it. Odors that have been addressed can be released again in transit and may take multiple cleanings and airings out to remove entirely.

Buying Antiques
We try to list only items that can be worn, however garments made in the 1930s and earlier are often very delicate and constructed using fabrics and thread that may be brittle and unable to hold up despite our initial assessment. Antiques can not be returned, so wear at your own risk.